Thai Tea Macarons (actually Maca-wrongs)

September 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

So I’ve been daydreaming about making macarons for the longest time and recently I actually made time for it. I thought for awhile of the flavors I’d make and which technique. I took tips from the internet, from books and even from friends who’ve had success making them. No way it could be that difficult right? I mean there were only so many ingredients used. Maca-WRONG I was. Haha.

I love the flavor of Thai tea. It’s floral, creamy and just so delicious. There were a bunch of matcha and earl grey macaron recipes out there, so I took a tea macaron recipe and substituted it with the Thai tea leaves. The buttercream was thai tea infused of course and it tasted so yummy.

Here’s a picture of my first attempt at the Thai tea macarons.

I was so excited when they came out the oven because they have feet!! The problem was they were so fragile, had a peak on top, and was super grainy from too many tea leaves (even though it was grounded down really fine). So I looked up macaron troubleshooting and realized these were undercooked, undermixed and of course had too many tea leaves. My second batch I made my adjustments and kept checking them while they were in the oven to make sure they were “cooked”. I baked them to death. They were like biscottis. YIKES!

Here is my second batch.

Β My third attempt I wanted to to take out the Thai tea completely to just concentrate on the technique. Simple with no added problems is best right? You’ll see no pictures of my third attempt here because they didn’t even resemble macarons. These had no feet, were like puffy muffin tops in the oven that deflated while cooling, and were super sticky. My guess is I messed up from the meringue stage.

After all that, I decided to give myself a week to recover. Let’s hope my next attempts are batches of macarons and not maca-wrongs!


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