Cookies or Brownies? BOTH!

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I saw these brownie cookies on a blog awhile ago and have been dying to make them. The brownies are from the box and the cookie dough recipe was from the back of a Ghirardelli chocolate chips package. First I baked the brownies and made two batches of cookie dough (one dark chocolate chip and the other butterscotch). Then I put them together and baked like crazy.

The brownies were baked and cooled, then cut into little chunks.

Here’s the chilled chocolate chip cookie dough.

The brownie chunks are inside these balls of dough.

My homemade cooling rack.

I stuffed the brownie chunks into the butterscotch cookie dough also. It was softer than the chocolate chip one for some reason.

Ooops. Haha…the brownie chunk fell out of the cookie….I guess my homemade cooling rack needs more support for the cookies while they’re soft and warm.


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