Fresh Tortilla’s and Chicken Soup

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A Nostalgic Dinner

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My family moved around a lot when I was younger and one of the places we used to live was Philadelphia. I can’t remember a lot, but what I do remember are fried chicken wings, cheesesteaks and the best pretzels EVER. So tonight’s dinner hit the spot for me. A Philly’s Best cheesesteak hoagie (I prefer the Philly’s Best cheesesteak, but felt like some veggies would be nice today.), Sonic’s cheese tater tots and their strawberry limeade…HEAVEN!

Sitting in the drive-in reminds me of Dallas since there are so many Sonic’s over there and I would need to go everyday when visiting family. We need more of these opened here in SoCal.

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I mentioned before that lately it’s been hard for me to pick places to eat. So last night I decided before I went to sleep. Sunday morning was going to be at Euro Pane Cafe/Bakery. YUM!!! I ordered the egg salad sandwich on their olive bread. So good. It had sun dried tomatoes and mixed greens under a heaping mound of chunky egg salad. My husband ordered the meatloaf sandwich (we traded…half half so I got to have both of the yummy goodness…haha) on multigrain bread. Again, so good. It was dressed with mayo, horseradish and mixed greens. The meatloaf was flavorful, moist, but not greasy.

We also grabbed some treats to go. Their sea salt macaroon was delicious! I’ve always seen these pretty little things but this is the first time I’ve tried one. They were chewy!!! Funny because I always thought they were hard like meringues. My new obsession for now…

Fruit Trees

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Every season I wait for my fruit trees to feed me. We just finished with the peaches and jujube fruits. Next on my plate are some cherimoyas, pomegranates, guavas and longans (not pictured).

Pho Tai

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Lately it feels like I can’t think of what to eat anymore. So tonight we kept it simple and had some home cooking…at a restaurant. There is this little Vietnamese restaurant we go to about once or twice a week called Vietnam Restaurant. The service here is always awesome and they treat you like family.

Sushi Rolls

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Don’t these rolls look good? Dinner, meet my belly!

Bridal Shower Potluck

September 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

This past weekend my friend and I threw a bridal shower for our friend. We created favors which were white tin cans filled with pink treats and all the guests brought a dish. There was everything from California rolls to root beer floats.

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