Avila’s El Ranchito

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This place is soooo good. Love their chips and salsa. Love their food. Yum.


Ajisen Ramen

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My Favorite Korean Side Dishes

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I love getting the little side dishes when I go to Korean restaurants. My three favorites are the spicy cucumbers, pancake looking thing & glass noodles. I have no idea what the correct names are. So if anyone out there knows the names and even how to make them, please let me know!

Give Me A Break!!!

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…of that Kit Kat Bar!

I love Kit Kats. I picked these up from Marukai Market and can’t wait to try them.

Curry House

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My first time at Curry House and it was so good. I ordered the Chicken Breast Katsu with brown rice. I normally love the Thai style curries over the Japanese style, but this one was really good. The pictures show my dish and what my friends were eating.

Grilled Cheese, Please!

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One of my favorite foods is grilled cheese! Especially paired with tomato soup, YUM! Pete’s Cafe makes a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. The picture below shows the Traditional Grilled Cheese with Tomato Basil Soup & French Fries. Their fries are so good…not too thick, not too thin, perfect amount of crunch and smushy potato in the middle.

Hanashima Restaurant

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Okay, I remembered this place as being pretty good in price and taste when I was younger. There aren’t many places in the Alhambra/Monterey Park/San Gabriel Area with good Japanese food, so this was the place I could go to for decent rolls and teriyaki plates.

Last night we had dinner here and I was NOT satisfied at all. I ordered Beef Teriyaki & California Rolls and Vu ordered Ramen with Curry/Rice & a side of Tempura. The Tempura was good. Everything else wasn’t. My Beef Teriyaki was super thin….I’ve had thicker beef jerky. The soy sauce on the table was watered down. Not low sodium, straight out watered down! The California Rolls were like tiny bites of mayonnaise balls. The Ramen was in a miso soup base and tasted so bland. I rather eat a bowl of instant noodles (MAMA brand of course).

Anyway, here are the pictures, which actually looks really tasty.

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